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3 Ways to Create a Sticky Relationship with a Staffing Agency

If you work in healthcare staffing or are considering going this route, you likely understand the importance of developing a solid relationship with your preferred staffing agency. While there are several staffing agencies, some provide different opportunities.

Creating a solid relationship with a staffing agency is essential to secure staffing jobs that meet your needs. A recruiter who knows you and what you’re looking for in a role can provide you with information about matching opportunities as soon as the job is available.

Here are three ways to create a sticky relationship with a staffing agency and why it is a win-win for everyone.

Be Clear About What You’re Looking For in a Role

Open communication is crucial for a positive relationship between a recruiter and a contract staffing employee. The agency must understand what you are looking for in a job. For example, important pieces of information to know include whether or not you are interested in the following:

  • Temp to permanent positions
  • Per diem roles
  • Short-term or long-term assignments
  • Night shift vs. day shift
  • Locations near where you currently live or farther away

This list is not exhaustive. However, it may help you consider what is important to you in your current or future contract role so you can share this information with the recruiter you are working with.

Share What You Like and Don’t Like About Positions

Constructive feedback is important. Healthcare workers are in high demand. So if there is something you like about a position, it is important to share it. If there is an aspect of a role you don’t like, it is important to share this too.

If there is a problem with your current contract or an issue you faced in a previous contract role, those issues can’t be fixed unless they are addressed. By bringing up any issues professionally and with a solutions-driven mindset, you and your recruiter can work to prevent the problem again in the future.

And if there is something you loved about a role, share this with your recruiter, too! Recruiters want you to be happy and enjoy working in your contract staffing role. If there is a job you particularly enjoyed and gave you great work-life balance, they may be able to let you be the first to know about additional opportunities. Or, if a similar role opens up elsewhere, they can be in a position to let you know about the opportunity ASAP.

Maintain a Solutions Driven Mindset

Healthcare is a challenging field to work in. There may be times you don’t like a contract or need something to change for subsequent contracts.

However, having a solutions-driven mindset about these challenges can go a long way. For example, say you take a twelve-week assignment working full-time night shifts and haven’t worked nights in a few years. Maybe you’re exhausted and need to switch to days for subsequent contracts, or at least for the next couple of contracts.

Share this information with your recruiter with the mindset that this aspect of the job can be changed and work towards a positive shift in which jobs you accept—for example, maybe you only take full-time positions that are days and only consider night shifts roles if they are per diem. Or if you do take a full-time nights position, it is for a shorter term.

The same goes with other workplace challenges. Not all organizations are the same. Some may have a great workplace culture and others may have work environments you struggle to fit into. If you find yourself struggling in your workplace, share this with your recruiter. They can take your feedback and help you find a better fit for the next time.

Excellent Communication is Key for Sticky Relationships

What these three tips all have in common is communication. Your recruiter is there to help you navigate the multitude of options available as a contract health care worker. At an agency like 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, your recruiters genuinely care if a role is a good match.

If you feel happy and fulfilled in the work you’re doing, it’s a win-win for everyone. Chances are high that if you’re satisfied, it is also easier for you to go the extra mile at work to provide exceptional patient care. And positive patient experiences are essential to healthcare organizations.

Ready to start your job search?

So, if you are looking for your next healthcare contract staffing role, reach out to 365 Healthcare Staffing Services and explore their open positions today! They would love to work with you and provide sincere, open communication to meet your expectations in your healthcare staffing career.