Do Surgical Tech Specialists Make More Money?

A surgical tech is a very important member of the operating room team. Surgical techs have duties before, during, and after surgery, and all of these duties are critical to providing excellent care and ensuring that the operating room runs smoothly. Many surgical techs choose to specialize; this can lead to additional responsibilities, as well […]

Why Do Healthcare Professionals Need a Staffing Agency to Fill Their Healthcare Job Openings?


Healthcare providers are experts in their fields; they are skilled at providing care. Staffing agencies are experts in their field; they have expertise in filling job openings. Why is this important? What value do staffing agencies bring to healthcare professionals who are looking to fill healthcare job openings? Service excellence When a company or organization […]

Why You Can’t Skip Your Pre-Shift Meeting


Getting to work on time can be tough. After you get ready for work, you may have to take care of issues at home, stop for gas, grab a cup of coffee, deal with traffic, and find a parking spot. Some days, getting there in time for the pre-shift meeting may seem almost impossible. Don’t […]

Which Healthcare Apps Should You Use in 2018?


Apps can help with so many things, including driving directions, shopping, and weather forecasts. Their usefulness isn’t limited to our personal lives, though; there are various apps that can be extremely useful for people at work. Here are a few apps that have proven very helpful for people in healthcare professions. Medscape With the Medscape […]

Positive Reinforcement from Surgical Techs Leads to a Better Attitude for Surgeons

Positive reinforcement at work can be a wonderful thing. It’s a powerful tool to recognize and acknowledge a job well done. It can come from a variety of sources, including supervisors, peers, team members, and patients. Let’s consider a surgical team as an example. Each person on the team can offer positive reinforcement to the […]

What Do Surgeons Want from Their Surgical Techs?


Handing instruments to a surgeon is an important part of a surgical tech’s job, but there are several other aspects of this job that are equally important. What skills do surgeons want from surgical techs? Technical knowledge A surgical tech has to know the operating room and everything in it. During an operation, it’s commonly […]