Five Tips for Surgical Tech Students



When you’re preparing to embark on a new career, it can be helpful to have tips that are relevant to you and the professional life you have chosen. Whether you are at the beginning of your educational program or preparing to graduate, this information can be helpful to you. Get Certified Some states require certification,… Read more »

How to Stand Out Over the Other Healthcare Job Candidate



Searching for a new job can be challenging. Employers may receive many applications for each posting, and it’s easy to get discouraged during your search. There are a few important things you can do to help you stand out over other candidates for healthcare jobs. Do a Skills Inventory What are your skills? What traits… Read more »

Five Things Healthcare Personnel Want from Their Managers



Personnel needs may vary depending on individual preferences, the healthcare facility, or particular circumstances. However, there are several common things that healthcare personnel want from their managers. Listening It can be incredibly frustrating when it feels like no one is truly listening. This is true at work, just as it is in other aspects of… Read more »

Taking a Sterile Tech Certification? Here Are Some Test Review Resources



Preparing for a test can be nerve-wracking. It can be more difficult when you’re not sure what to study, are unsure about how the test will work or don’t know the best way to prepare for that particular test. There’s good news if you are preparing to take a sterile tech certification test: there are… Read more »

Six Seconds to Impress the Hiring Manager: How Should Your Healthcare Resume Be Organized?


One – two – three – four – five – six. That’s how many seconds a hiring manager might spend looking at your resume when you apply for a job; that’s a short time to make a good impression. Will your resume go in the trash, or will it earn you further consideration? Put Relevant… Read more »

How to Stay Up to Date with the Latest Sterilization Techniques



Sterile processing technicians play an important role in any healthcare environment. That’s why it’s essential to provide them with the skills and tools they need to do their jobs; this includes providing them with appropriate sterilization equipment. Continuing education ensures that they are familiar with the latest techniques to sterilize new equipment. Reference the Product… Read more »

Make a Difference in 2019: Why Surgical Techs Have a Career with a Higher Meaning



We can make a difference in people’s lives every day. When someone is feeling down, a kind word may turn their whole day around. A sincere compliment can be a game changer. Buying a coffee for the next person in line may brighten that individual’s entire day. What if you could make a difference in… Read more »

Our Top Career Tips from 2018 for Surgical Techs



2018 is a memory, but its lessons are still valuable. We offered a variety of tips relevant to surgical techs, and this review can help surgical techs who want to make the best of 2019. Location and Advancement Surgical techs do important work before, during, and after surgery, and surgical teams wouldn’t be complete without… Read more »

Our Top Career Tips from 2018 for Sterile Techs



Are you considering a career as a sterile tech? We shared some important information about this topic during the year, and here are some highlights to help you learn more. 2019 may be the year for you to pursue that career as a sterile tech! Thinking about California? We’re based in California, and we specialize… Read more »

Could Texting Bring You a Better Candidate Than Actually Talking?



Who have you texted recently? Friends, a family member, a candidate? If you’ve never contacted candidates via text, you may think this is an outlandish idea, but it’s becoming rather popular, and it may be time to put it on your radar. Advantages Texting isn’t new, but using it as a candidate screening tool is… Read more »