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Can I & Should I Return to a Former Job?

There are several reasons you may choose to leave a job. And if your life circumstances change, or conditions at the position you left change, you may consider returning to a former job.

In fact, according to a study described in Forbes, nearly 2/3 of people who have left a job have considered returning. So, if you are considering whether you should return to a former role, you’re in the majority. However, before you take the leap and go back, here are a few key questions to consider.

Why Did You Leave?

Before returning to a past role, consider why you left the position. Maybe you left because you disagreed with management’s leadership style. Or perhaps there was a conflict with a coworker, and you felt unsupported. Other life circumstances could have also impacted your decision to leave such as a move or the need to take care of a family member.

It’s essential to understand why you left, so you can determine if the reason you left will still exist if you return. If you anticipate that your initial reasons for leaving would still be present in the work environment, think about how you would address it this time.

For example, if there was a conflict with a coworker, are there steps you could take with management to improve communication and address the problem?

Alternatively, maybe your reason for leaving is gone. There’s the possibility that a difficult coworker moved on, that there is a new manager, or if you moved, that you anticipate living in the area for the foreseeable future.

Determine if You Can Go Back

You may or may not have left on good terms, and there may be other circumstances around your past employment with a company that can affect your choices in the future. If you’re serious about returning to a past role, contact the manager on the unit or practice areas you’d like to work.

The leadership team will have a good understanding of the budget and whether or not they can take you back on. Additionally, understanding where they are in the hiring process can be helpful.

Think Through Your References Carefully

You may still have friends who are former coworkers at your past place of work. Or perhaps you had a positive relationship with a previous leadership team or supervisor. Before applying or re-applying to a role, it is a good idea to have an up-to-date list of references you can share.

Make sure your references are ok being on your reference list, and let them know if you anticipate a prospective employer reaching out to them. This way, if you are applying for a role, whether it is a previous role or a new position, you can streamline the process by having your list of references ready to go.

Having a list of references who can speak highly of your strengths can help you stand out from others who are applying for the same position.

Looking for a Change? Consider Contract Staffing

It’s common after leaving a position to reconsider your decision and think about going back to a previous role. However, if you’re unsure if going back to your previous place of work is the right move, or you aren’t sure if they’re able to take you back on right away, consider a short-term option like contract staffing!

365 Healthcare Staffing Services is a nationwide leader in healthcare contract staffing. They would be happy to help you find your next best career move — whether it is one short-term assignment or several back-to-back assignments. Sometimes a change of scenery or a new environment can help make a decision clearer. If a contract staffing position sounds like it might be a good fit, reach out to a recruiter or check out their list of open positions to get started!