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3 Perks of Contract Healthcare Work

Working in healthcare can be stressful! If you find yourself on the edge of burnout and are looking for a change of pace, consider contract healthcare work. Often stepping out of your environment and trying something new can be a refreshing change of pace and improve your mental well-being.

There are several perks of contract work. If you’re on the fence about trying contract healthcare work, here are three perks to consider as you work to gain clarity on your next career move.

Try Out the Team

While many equate contract healthcare work to needing to travel, it is often possible to stay in your town and simply work at a different facility without moving. One healthcare company’s culture and team environment may be vastly different from its competitor right down the road.

A huge benefit of contract work is that if you are considering switching organizations, you can often sign a contract to try out the environment before committing to a long-term job (if that’s your goal). For example, you could work a twelve-week contract, get to know the team and leadership, and while you’re there, decide if it is an environment where you’d want to apply for a permanent position.

This is a win-win situation, as the team gets a chance to know you too. Often, if they think you’re a good fit, it helps with the hiring process if you do eventually apply for a role. And on the flip side, if it’s not a good fit, you can always move on to a different facility once your contract is up.

Explore a New Part of the Country

Many healthcare contract jobs offer relocation and housing assistance. If you’ve been hoping to relocate to a different area, a contract healthcare position is a great way to get to know an area. There’s typically less at stake financially when you’re receiving moving help.

Many contract healthcare workers go into the job with the intent to move around frequently. If you’re not looking to settle down in a new area, you can take advantage of roles across the country and move places with each new contract if you prefer.

Work-Life Flexibility

Another perk of healthcare contract work is the flexibility to schedule work around your life. For example, maybe you take a twelve-week assignment and then know that your best friend is getting married a couple of weeks after it ends. Maybe your daughter is expecting a baby, a loved one has surgery scheduled, or another big life event is on the horizon.

As a contract worker, you often have much more flexibility with your time off than other healthcare workers. While it may be challenging to schedule days off during a contract period, if you are aware of events throughout the year, you can schedule yourself not to be working a contract during that time.

Since there is typically higher pay associated with contract positions, many contract healthcare workers find they are able to take time off for extended trips and vacations throughout the year as needed. So, for example, maybe you work two back-to-back twelve-week assignments and then schedule a four-week break period before your next assignment. Working as a contract worker gives you flexibility in your schedule for this better work-life balance.


Ready to Take the Leap?

Trying out the team, exploring a new part of your state or country, and having more work-life flexibility are only three of the perks of healthcare contract staffing. If you think you’d like to explore how a healthcare contract position would fit into your life, the team at 365 Healthcare Staffing Services is here to help!

They have several recruiters on staff who love answering questions and helping you find the right fit for your career goals. If you’re ready to take the leap as a contract healthcare worker, check out their open positions and apply today!