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Taking a Sterile Tech Certification? Here Are Some Test Review Resources

Preparing for a test can be nerve-wracking. It can be more difficult when you’re not sure what to study, are unsure about how the test will work or don’t know the best way to prepare for that particular test. There’s good news if you are preparing to take a sterile tech certification test: there are valuable test resources available. The following websites will be helpful to you, and we’ve included highlights from each one.

It’s important to study the right material, but sometimes it’s hard to know what that is, and studying irrelevant information wastes valuable study time. This website can help with that. The organization’s website notes that their questions are heavily focused on the topics you must cover and understand in order to pass the exam.

The site offers free practice questions, as well as a subscription that provides full access to hundreds of practice questions in their database. In addition, the site offers clarification about a common question, whether you can take the CRCST exam before you’ve completed your 400 hours of hands-on experience.

ExamEdge offers a subscription service for practice tests, and it includes test-taking modes. The timed option makes explanations available after the test is graded; with the untimed option, you can see explanations during the test or after it’s graded. These options allow you to customize the process based on your own needs, and that can be very helpful, especially as you move from the early stages of studying to last-minute review.

The site also provides valuable information about learning how to manage time for the test. The goal is to help you build up your stamina and speed as you gain familiarity with the test format. This can be very valuable, especially if you struggle with managing time or want to build your skills with this particular testing format.

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The site offers an online sample tutorial, which provides a demonstration of how Prometric’s computer-based tests operate. This can be valuable for anyone, but it may be especially helpful for you if you are unfamiliar with online testing, need extra practice working on computer skills, or both. Test questions begin immediately after the tutorial ends. This can be helpful because it provides immediate reinforcement of the procedure.

The site offers valuable information about the timeline for signing up to take the exam. They recommend purchasing study materials and then sending in your exam application only when you have finished reviewing and are ready to sit for the exam.

There’s a word of caution, as well: while various websites may offer practice exams, IAHCSMM has no hand in creating or reviewing them, and cannot in any way guarantee their validity or usefulness.

Good luck!

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