What Are the Latest Salary Trends for Sterile Techs in California?


Every person who works in healthcare fills an important role. Patients and family members are most familiar with doctors and nurses because they interact with them the most, but people who work behind the scenes fill critical roles, as well. Sterile processing techs, often known as sterile techs, are a prime example of this. They […]

Three Tips to Deal with a Bad Boss in Healthcare


Work. For some people, the word alone may inspire a feeling of dread. Although some people enjoy their jobs, others deal with a lot of work-related stress. A bad boss can be a major source of stress. Here are three tips to help deal with a bad boss in your healthcare job. Look Internally First […]

3 Reasons to Consider California for Surgical Technology

Some people spend their lives dreaming about having a certain job or living in a particular place. In some cases, it’s possible to turn those dreams into reality. For example, some people dream of working as surgical technologists and living in California. That’s one dream that definitely has the potential to come true. Education and […]

What Should You Ask Before the Job Interview?

It’s exciting to receive a call for a job interview. In fact, many people get so excited that they overlook a great opportunity to make a great first impression. Be Prompt and Be Grateful Unfortunately, the call may come when the candidate is away from the phone. If the hiring manager or recruiter leaves a […]

Why Should You Consider a Nursing Career?

Choosing a career can be challenging. Many people are drawn to careers in healthcare because they want to help others. A career in nursing provides the opportunity to help others, but it offers several other important advantages, too. Career Options Where do nurses work? The first answer that comes to mind for many people is […]

How Can You Hire the Best Nurses for Your Team?

Nurses are important. They are the people patients see most frequently, so they play a key role in any hospital, private practice, clinic or other healthcare setting. When hiring a nurse, it’s essential to hire the best. Pay attention to these three elements to make the hiring process smoother and more successful. Education In previous […]