Identify a Great Boss in the Healthcare Job Interview



A great boss can make any job better. On the other hand, an awful boss can make a dream job seem like a nightmare. What if it were possible to identify a great boss during the interview process? It could be a big factor in helping a candidate decide whether to accept a job. Although… Read more »

Three Tips to Deal with a Bad Boss in Healthcare



Work. For some people, the word alone may inspire a feeling of dread. Although some people enjoy their jobs, others deal with a lot of work-related stress. A bad boss can be a major source of stress. Here are three tips to help deal with a bad boss in your healthcare job. Look Internally First… Read more »

How to Find Your Next Healthcare Job on Social Media



There are many important job search tools, including a great resume, a well-written cover letter, and strong networking skills. How about social media? Although many people may not know it, social media can be a key part of a job search. Here are a few tips to get started. Follow companies online In this day… Read more »

Four Questions a Surgical Tech Gets in the Job Interview


Job interviews can be stressful experiences. It can be very helpful to know what to expect ahead of time because the interviewee can think about answers. Surgical techs can think about the following questions and even use them for mock interviews to get more comfortable with the real thing. 1. How much experience do you… Read more »

The Basics of Low-Temperature Sterilization


As the term implies, low-temperature sterilization involves sterilizing without using high temperatures. The low temperatures are ambient or below those used for autoclave, chemical vapor, or dry-heat oven sterilization. Why low-temperature sterilization? If high-temperature sterilization works, why is a low-temperature method even necessary? Many components of today’s advanced surgical tools cannot tolerate the high heat… Read more »

How a Staffing Company Helps Surgical and Sterile Technicians Find Jobs


How do staffing companies work? How can a staffing company help ME find a job? These are common questions. Many people are unsure if a staffing company can be helpful in a job search, or how a staffing company works in the healthcare industry. A strong foundation When an individual goes to a staffing company… Read more »

What Do We Need to Know About Telemedicine?


What exactly is telemedicine? As the word implies, it combines technology with medicine: it “enables practitioners to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients remotely using the latest telecommunications technology.” Then and Now Although the concept of telemedicine may seem thoroughly modern, its roots go back generations. In 1924, a magazine called Radio News featured a cover… Read more »

The Latest Trends in Sterilization Technology


Technology in hospitals and medical offices is constantly evolving. Robotic surgery has replaced traditional surgical methods in some cases. Digital thermometers have replaced old-fashioned mercury thermometers. This technology has extended to sterilizing instruments, as well. Why is this important? There are guidelines in place for the level of sterility necessary for medical instruments. Sterility assurance… Read more »

Am I Burned Out? What Does It Feel Like?


Tough day at work? Everyone has days like that, but some days feel worse than typical bad days. And sometimes, it feels like every day falls into that category. When that happens, employees may say they feel burned out. The phenomenon of burnout is not unique to healthcare, but an article from PubMed Health notes… Read more »